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Do you see the form of Kashmiri women, do not see the wound?
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Published : Wednesday, 14 August, 2019 at 4:09 PM
Do you see the form of Kashmiri women, do not see the wound?Since the Modi government lifted a special status on Jammu and Kashmir, which was taken over on August 5, Indian men have been dreaming of getting their Kashmiri women closer. Whether they see the abolition of Article 5 of the Indian Constitution as an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful women of Kashmir after so long. So soon after the announcement of Amit Shah on August 5, the men from the area started to search 'Kashmiri Girl' at Google. Not just ordinary men, various leaders have even started dreaming of marrying Kashmiri women till the Chief Minister himself. And they made no attempt to hide their perverted desires. On the contrary, John announced in a rallying cry.
Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said at a public meeting last Friday, “The fork of our path has been removed. Now not only from Bihar, we can now bring girls from Kashmir too. ”
In this situation, Zainat Rehena Islam, a schoolteacher in West Bengal, has highlighted the torture of Kashmiri women, including the rape of Indian soldiers. On Wednesday, an article titled 'Shiromani Kali Taal Haley Handi', titled 'Shiromani', was published by Anand Bazar magazine in Kolkata.
He wrote at the beginning of the article, 'You have shaken the world by searching for Kashmiri girl and' Mary Kashmiri Girl 'in internet. Good luck, Google was! Otherwise you could not tell you about such beauty. Your eyes are so beautiful! But what do you know, for girls who have become so enthusiastic about you, you probably don't see the scar of the butt in their waist, don't you? The soreness of the heavy metal belt on the back also left your eyes. But how did the wounds of the scalp, like the wolf on the face, escape? "
He then described the incidents of Indian army massacre over women there. In his words, 'Let us introduce you to some more Kashmiri girls. Seeing that woman? Went to work to eat Now you are lying there. He has five married daughters at home. The poor could not bear the humiliation. He died on the way to the hospital! Well, do you hear any noise?
Look at that, and a Kashmiri girl! The bleeding did not stop due to injury and persecution of the boot. She has 5 stitches in her stomach. That is, another girl is walking. Deep wound to the uterus with gunshot wound. It's starting to digest. In order to survive, the uterus must be cut off. This woman can never be a mother any day.
Can you see the village in the distance? Cunanan and Poshpora. From there, 12 girls disappeared in one night. Blind old father is crying! Husband looking like crazy. The cries of children cannot be stopped. What a spectacle, isn't it? That is, another Kashmiri shattered body remains. He was cut with a saw. What else is there in the forehead of a laboratory assistant at the Government School in Terahgam? And the woman officer of the Kralakhuda worship or education department? Torture and ultimate murder in front of everyone in the family!
Remember that girl from Gurihakar? He sat with his father-in-law and nuns in the family. It was 9am. Was breastfeeding the baby. Just then the heavy boots came off the road and into the house. The gun went to the baby's chest. Mother had to go up as instructed. After a while the shouting was heard. That scream may still be heard when the ears of the Poolwalker's Aharabal Falls. Kashmiri girls are beautiful! Once you hear, how sweet their cry!
Mabina Ghani could not reach her in-laws after marriage. On the way, a gang rape was carried out on Mobina and her cousin. Hasina, 20, rushed to the hospital with a bruised body. Hands-on-face-tearing is monotonous. At the district hospital, seven girls appeared that day in the village of Hihama. The marriage is broken. Everybody, including the bride, has wounds. Twenty-two girls were detained for four to five hours in Bihota for carrying a girl. The rest is history.
Girls from Saidapora village did not even know when to bring order and say, 'Search you'. Then at midnight, the cloth will be torn. You see a little girl standing in the corner of the room. He will also know that one day the search order will come to him too.
The door must be opened for searching. The two sentences will be memorized as verses: 'I have the order.' I have to search you. 'The defendant's old man will be kicked and turned upside down. His face will be tied. After that is the future. '
Teacher Jeanat Rehena Islam has written many stories about the brutal torture of Indian soldiers on Kashmiri women. The teacher could not say that the Indian soldiers, who in the name of militant repression, jumped on these unarmed girls and then raped them like a dog. Yet human rights groups Human Rights Watch have been featured on the pages of these horrific stories of rape and brutal torture. The persecution began on January 7, when people in Kashmir started a revolt to get out of the chain of Indian rulers. In the eyes of the Indian rulers, what was merely a 'separatist movement' for which they were constantly blaming Pakistan. What could be better than the rape to suppress these separatists!
The case of Mobina Ghani is an example of the torture of Indian troops on Kashmiri women. On May 4, BSF soldiers arrested the bride, Mubina Ganti, on her way to her husband's house after marriage. They were raping him. The lollipop did not escape the hyenas from his cousin. Indian soldiers raped the canals.
In the Indian Army since the nineties

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